Lecture Series on Innovation and Entrepreneurship for eYIC Participants

1. Understanding Problems & their Nature

In this video, we will introduce double diamond diagram, this will help in refining your problem by looking at different phases - Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver and Evolve. Also the video discusses about three ways to categorize a problem - Well Structured, ill Structured, and Wicked Problem, all of these categories talk about how to analyze a problem to get from Point A to B, by looking at cause and effect of a solution.

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2. Complex Problem Solving

Now that we know how to analyze a problem, we get to know about Mind Mapping techniques. How to analyze a problem by observation, come up with a solution to a problem which can be adapted by users, how to focus on community (culture, acceptability, awareness, adaptability etc.) to make it a better fit. Understanding the importance of “Shut Up and Listen”. Towards the end we will see few examples of problem domain, problem statements(Asking Why) and listing possible ideas related to problem statement.

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3. Verticals & Cause Effect Mapping

In this video we will see how to create verticals (groups) for the list of ideas(sub problems) created from the previous video, naming the verticals. Dividing the list into two categories Cause and Effect, and later match cause to effect and vice versa.

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4. Stakeholder Mapping

We now have a list of cause-effect pairs. We will now see who are stakeholders, how to list possible stakeholders for the problem statements. Mapping the sub problems to stakeholders. Towards the we redefine the problem taking into consideration all the elements discussed so far.

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5. Define the Problem Statement

In this video, we will now see how to redefine problem statement, based out of the following - primary stakeholders, who are we solving it for, top three causes of problem, effect of the problem. How to introduce “How Might We” statement into your problem statement, by asking Why, What, How and Who questions.

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6. Empathy as a Tool

What are market ready projects and how do we achieve it? Importance of - Customer-Developer interactions, Customer satisfaction.

What the developer thought and felt based on the interaction?
Never have assumptions before preparing a project for your customer. Difference between developing a product and developing a product for the market.

A successful business put emphasis to infer the requirements and a little empathy goes a long way in various parts of the business.

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7. Research

Customer Research: Primary Research and Secondary Research

What is Existing demand and creation of demand? How interaction helps in getting data from customer for project development?

Interactions with building stories, show genuine interest, explore emotions, etc.

This video shares an idea on how to have healthy customer interactions. Things to remember when we are framing a questionnaire for the customers.

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8. User Persona & Journey & Metaphor Thinking

What strikes to your mind when a question is asked “Who will buy this product?”

Primary stakeholder: is your customer who is an end user; is a person who will be using the product or service.

In this video you will understand, how along with customer requirement, creating a User persona is essential for your product design.

Before we develop a product -
  • Identify the end user
  • Who fits to use your product?
  • Create character persona of your customer
  • Draw every single entity of your stakeholders and the journey
What all parameters should be considered in creating end user profile?

What is Metaphor thinking ? How to create a metaphor for your problem statement

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9. Creativity

Are we Creative ??

Here we will understand, different types of Creativity - Creative Capacity, Creative Enquiry, Creative usage...

Creativity allows a person to devise interesting processes. A creative mind has to have entrepreneurial skills to bring those creative ideas to life in a business setting.

What are the different elements of creative process? - Thinking outside the box, Critical thinking, etc

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10. Product Design

Good Design is eliminating features you don't need!

How aesthetics and ergonomics helpful?

What is Atomic Unit of your Product? How it affects the product design?

What is Key Performance Indicators (KPI)? How do we define KPI and KPI factors?

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11. Failure Mode & Concept of Constant Leverage

Failure Mode - Conditions under which the system fails or limits the efficiency of the product

What is the limiting constant? How can you address this?

What Constant Leverage?

Steps a product developer should follow-
Identify new constant - exploit it - elevate constant level

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12. SWOT Analysis

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat (SWOT) Analysis

Difference between Strength and Opportunity?

What are the different vulnerabilities? What are the different processes that can be improved?

What are the Causes and Market Demands?

What are the obstacles to the growth of an organization?

Strength - What unique resources can you draw on?
Weakness - What could you improve?
Opportunities - How you convert strengths into opportunities?
Threats - What is your competition doing currently? What are different threats to your product?

How to come up with a solution why our product should not fail?

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13. Business Model

Business Model - is used for developing new or documenting existing business model.

How do we draw Business Model Canvas?

What is Value Propositions of your product? Different factors involved in Value Propositions?

What are Customer Segments and how to reach to your stakeholders?
Different Distributed Channel and Customer relationship.

Key - Activities, Resources, Partners of your organisation

What is Cost Structure and Revenue Stream?

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